My name is Nathaniel Hockman and I have recorded over 40 albums on my own and gave them all away for free.  That being said, I have somehow still managed to remain off of the grid. On May 22nd I released my debut album which was a 26 track double-disc, greatest hits album with the help of my brother Matthew, and in the same month, this website was launched.

This whole labor of love started at a young age, due to a life changing mental reaction while attending elementary school. They taught me why music and art was so important and the power of sharing and caring. My first mix was recorded in 1997 and they continued to be created in mass quantities since. In 2005, I failed a piano class in college due to improper fingering and after that my recording schedule was compulsive, borderline crazy. In 2008 alone, I recorded 10 separate albums and was mailing out packages, full of albums, all for free.

Making music helps me stay positive, keeps me productive, and has helped inspire the people around me. I have documented my entire life from 1997 to present in the form of music. If nothing else, my lengthy catalog displays the power of evolution in the mind of a musician. If a monkey riding a segway can go viral, my operation and positive message through music should to.

- Nathaniel Hockman

© 2012 Nathaniel Hockman